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Muhammad Khan, PhD receives the AHA CDA Development Award

Congratulations to Dr. Muhammad Khan, who received the American Heart Association Career Development Award  (AHA CDA) this spring. His project, “Exogenous cBIN1 Gene Therapy Rescues Ischemic Heart Failure,” has received $231,000 in funding for three years and started in April 2023. The AHA CDA is a very competitive award for early-career investigators. Dr. Khan stated that obtaining this type of funding is integral to a successful academic career and that receiving this award is a “primary step for my transition to independence and securing a research faculty position.” It will also support Dr. Khan’s plan to submit a competitive R01 application within the first year of the award.

Dr. Khan joined CVRTI in 2018 for his post-doctoral training after earning a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2016 from the University of Alabama. He has received T32 Cardiovascular Medicine awards in clinical and preclinical cardiac electrical remodeling and myocardial recovery. Dr. Khan is currently an Associate Instructor at CVRTI. His research focuses on developing diagnostics and tests therapeutics to investigate mechanisms responsible for reverse cardiac remodeling in myocardial injury, arrhythmia, and pulmonary hypertension.