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The Pannucci Research Lab focuses on venous thromboembolism, which are life or limb-threatening blood clots that occur in surgical patients. The group examines the role of care individualization for VTE using a precision medicine approach, which treats the patient as an individual instead of the larger aggregate.

The group also examines the role of patient-centric VTE risk stratification to identify patients who will and will not benefit from post-operative blood thinners, as well as the identification of patient-specific factors that predict how patients will metabolize post-operative blood thinners. Dr. Pannucci’s work currently receives funding from the Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality and the Association for Academic Surgeons.

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Utah Intervention Quality & Implementation Research Group (U-INQUIRE)

Sarah Halbern, MSPH, CCRP
Phone: 801-581-8409

Benjamin Brooke, MD, PhD
Phone: 801-581-8909