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Dr. Ram Nirula Wins Dr. Clark Lowe Rich Distinguished Surgeon & Mentor Award

Dr. Raminder Nirula, Chief of the Division of General Surgery, was awarded the Clark Lowe Rich Distinguished Surgeon and Mentor Award for 2020. This award from the University of Utah School of Medicine, recognizes an outstanding surgeon who is an exemplary teacher, adviser and mentor to medical students, interns, residents or fellows as well as demonstrates exceptional skill and dedication to the field of surgery.

Medical students submitted a letter supporting Dr. Nirula as a faculty member they have worked with who embodies the characteristics noted above.

Here are some of the nominating students’ remarks about Dr. Nirula:

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Nirula. I have had somewhat of a longitudinal experience with Dr. Nirula. He was one of the first attendings I worked with at the beginning of my MS3, and then one of the last attendings I worked with as an MS4. Everything about Dr. Nirula is incredible. He is one of the smartest people I have ever met. His teaching lectures are based on real patients and situations, it's applicable to everyday medicine.”

“He is tough, no doubt, but in a mentoring way. He has high standards. He uses every patient and situation as a teaching moment, to help make you a better physician. His bedside manner is incredible and he always listens to the patients and makes sure all of their questions are answered. He has probably taught me the most out of any attending I have worked with and I hope I have the opportunity to continue learning from him.”

“Dr. Nirula challenges students to understand the why behind what we do, and to know that pathology at hand with various cases. He is exceptionally intelligent and inspires a drive for knowledge in his students. His surgical skills are outstanding.”

More about this award: The Dr. Clark Lowe Rich award was given to the University by Sally Burbidge Cassidy and her children for the purpose of honoring their beloved father and grandfather, Dr. Clark Lowe Rich. Dr. Rich was educated in Ogden and at the University of Utah. He attended Harvard Medical School, completed his internship at St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and returned to Ogden, Utah, to practice with his father. Dr. Rich was a co‑founder and the first president of the Ogden Surgical Medical Society, and served as Chief of Staff at the Dee Hospital and St. Benedicts Hospital. He was a gifted diagnostician and surgeon with unusual insight and caring demeanor.”

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